A Decent Person

A Decent Person wouldn't have written

a contract so small

to hold within walls

No business is run

by lawyer's crooked tongue

to stick when the glue

that is licked with a gun

or sharpened with tacks

and stinks between cracks

A Decent Person doesn't hide

behind curls

or ugly debate or pins that escape

No reason is had

when dark is the vision

advice poorly given

All sweetness aside

For beauty does fade

and change

from the purse

is a bitter curse

and worse

merely metal that tarnishes

the greedy fingers that turn

and twist dreams

And when the ass

has run out of grass


A Decent Person open the gate

or close up the stall

stand in the dust

and bay at them all

stubborn the spot

refusing to clean

spurning the gate

Useless the nag

Indecorous the tag

For A Decent Person burns not

the hand that strikes the match

and lights the candle

no matter how hot

the wax.

 2014 (c) tgwithin